Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

Finding a natural supplement for your dog is not difficult but first you must decide what you want the supplement to accomplish. Will the supplement be used for overall health and immunity, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, urinary tract infections, injuries, or a combination of factors?

There are many natural supplements for dogs on the market today so it can be not only confusing knowing which one to choose, but to make matters more difficult for the consumer, many of the supplements are targeted towards a specific ailment or even combinations of ailments and not just overall health. So, unless you are a veterinarian many people feel overwhelmed by the selection.

Another concern when purchasing a natural supplement for your dog are drug interactions. If your dog is using any medication like Rimadyl, Etogesic, or Deramaxx for arthritis then you most surely want to make sure there are no interactions for the natural formula you are going to buy. You can speak with your vet or carefully read the full package disclosure. Most natural supplements made for pets can be used alone or with prescription medications but always check to be safe. The good news for you and your dog; ultimately the natural remedy can replace the need for harsh drugs.

As an example, arthritis and joint problems affect one in every five dogs, and giving them drugs like Rimadyl are not the only culprits that could be hurting our pets with side effects. Over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen or aspirin have side effects like vomiting, gastro-intestinal bleeding and ulcers. NSAID's are very toxic and can damage the kidneys and liver and they should never be given to a dog on any synthetic steroid hormone. On the other hand, glucosamine sulphate is an amino derivative of glucose which occurs naturally in supportive tissues. This is a great start, but there are formulas that include this and other ingredients to not only support muscles and joints for mobility and flexibility, but improve bone health and actually improve liver function. An added plus is the fact that the dosage is designed in curative amounts so you don't have to guess on the correct amount, especially if you bought a product made for humans.

A natural supplement for your dog, no matter what the health issue is, can be an excellent way to make sure they live a long and healthier life. It's not a bad idea to start early on while they are puppies with a multi-supplement to give them an advantage, but also make sure they have plenty of high quality dog food so they develop to their full potential. Hopefully they will be the four out of five that don't have mobility or other health issues in their senior years.



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